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As landscapers, we have a love/hate relationship with the rain. We know the plants and sod need it, and we are so grateful for the beautiful, green glow of all the spring growth. However, our phones are ringing off the hook and more and more work is piling up. Scheduling is pretty much impossible. We just take it as it comes and do what we can in the breaks of the rain.

The chaos of the unpredictable weather and the amount of work to be done makes for some frustrating, tense moments in the office. We understand that our hourly team needs the hours, but we also can’t be very productive in the muddy Alabama conditions. There’s nothing worse than leaving everyone at home on a 90% chance of rain day and not getting a drop! We have clients looking for us on their job sites as soon as the sun shines through. The stress wears on all of us.

We work hard to communicate with our team, our vendors, and our clients to keep them all in the loop as conditions change. We take advantage of the rain days and train internally so we are ready to rock and roll when it dries out. It’s a good thing Adaptability is Bosslady’s #1 strength according to the Clifton Strengths!

However, someone may need to check on Bossman.

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