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Did you buy your house thinking it would be a starter home and now feel stuck with such limited housing options?

We did too! We bought a 1,250 square-foot, three bedroom, one bath house in Auburn in 2008 and thought we would live there for a few years until we could afford something larger. Yes, you read that right. Three dudes, 1 dudette (as my dad would say), and ONE BATHROOM.

While we weren’t necessarily stuck there, we fell in love with our unique house. There was no way I was going to move out of our older neighborhood with mature trees, walkable to school and downtown, to gain some square footage. Every time we felt like the walls were closing in, we did a big cleanout.

The only way our little house on 0.19 acres worked for our family was because we maximized every inch of our property and I kicked the kids outside to maintain my sanity. We fenced in the yard, extended the patio, added a pergola, swinging bed, a fire pit, hot tub, man cave (we built a shed in the back so we didn’t kill our teenager during COVID – don’t judge me), veggie garden, outdoor kitchen, pollinator garden and some nice lawn space.

The challenge of pulling all of these features together on our tiny footprint was a fun puzzle and it turned out great!

If you want to find some creative solutions to extend your living space, call one of our designers. We will talk to you about your family, how you spend your time, and what your priorities are. From that point, we will work our magic on paper and present you with a new vision for your outdoor space!

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